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Looking for the best natural appetite suppressant pills that work can be a difficult task when there are so many options out there. Here at The Nutritional Source, we’ve put the time in to help you find the best appetite suppressant that will aid you with a balanced and healthy diet. We’ve gone through different natural appetite suppressants and have selected them based on their ingredients, clinical trial performance and results. Join me in helping you find the best natural appetite suppressants for you.



Choosing the best natural appetite suppressant among all the advertisements you see on TV and read in magazines can be somewhat complicated. There are numerous articles on the internet, but they are probably not as informative as this article. It’s crucial to make sure you find the best suppressants with the right ingredients; and that is why I’m here to help!


Let’s take a look at some of the best natural appetite suppressants.


It is essential to understand that appetite suppressants are a drug that acts on your neurochemical transmitters in your central nervous system to reduce food intake. Appetite suppressants should be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and physical activity to achieve and maintain weight loss.


In that case, it is important to choose the best natural appetite suppressants for your health. The Asian plant garcinia cambogia, for example, has been studied for its anti-obesity effect via regulation of serotonin levels and glucose uptake. Studies have shown that a dosage of up to 2.8 mg each day has no adverse side effects and is an effective appetite suppressant due to the high concentration of hydroxycitric acid.


Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) is an organic component of the fruit rind which has been found to be a potent element in fatty acid, cholesterol and triglycerides syntheses.


The herb coleus forskohlii is also an ingredient that can act as a natural appetite suppressant, according to studies. One clinical trial has shown that the extract of the plant improves insulin resistance and reduces your dietary intake. It’s important to reduce your dietary intake while eating low glycemic indexed foods too.


Make sure you try and stay away from any unsafe appetite suppressants. Up until 2010, sibutramine, an oral anorexiant was the most important appetite inhibitor approved for long-term use. Studies showed that when given within the range of 10-15 mg per day, sibutramine would promote a 3-5 kg weight loss in just 24 weeks. By six months, 69% of the patients treated with sibutramine achieved 5% or more reduction in their baseline weight in one clinical trial.


However, the use of sibutramine was taken off the market in the United States in 2010. There were many concerns about the risk of heart attack and stroke.


You also want to avoid sympathomimetic drugs, such as amphetamines, phentermine and phenyl-propanolamine, which were once widely used for treatments against obesity but were found to increase the risk of cardiovascular events in patients as well.


10 Best Appetite Suppressants


Choosing health first, the number one on our list of the best appetite suppressants is Nature Wise’s Garcinia Cambogia Extract. The capsules contain a concentration of 60% hydroxycitric acid (HCA), along with natural calcium and potassium. The composition suits vegetarian diets and is gluten-free.


The second on the list of best natural appetite suppressants is RMB Premium’s Garcinia Cambogia, which contains 50% of HCA in its formula. The product supports appetite reduction and enhances metabolism. Moreover, it’s non-stimulating and caffeine free. Personally, I don’t like the way caffeine makes me feel so these are my favorite.


If you are looking to combine a balanced food intake and work out at the gym, the Premium Forskolin is one of the best appetite suppressants out. It contains 100% pure forskolin extract, which helps to increase metabolism, gain energy,  promote fat burning and to control your blood sugar. The insulin resistance induces food intake reduction.


Be Slim is the fourth on the list and is an alternative to pills and capsules. This tea blend contains garcinia cambogia and powerful detox ingredients such as dandelion, an oriental herbal medicine. It also includes milk thistle, also known as silybum marianum, which has strong detoxification properties. It also has been used for damaged liver treatments and patients receiving chemotherapy. If you are interested in more detox tea for weight loss, check my other article.


The EZ Nutrition Garcinia Cambogia Extract contains 95% of HCA in its formula. It’s has one of the highest concentrations of hydroxycitric acid among the products on the market to help with fatty acid, cholesterol and triglycerides syntheses. The capsules also combine 75 mg of potassium for you.


Our sixth pick of natural appetite suppressants, is a tiny tablet that will slowly dissolve in your mouth for over three hours. The Nutratech Atrafen Fat Burner main ingredient is chromium picolinate. It has proved effectiveness in clinical trials to decrease food intake in healthy, overweight adult women who reported cravings for carbohydrates. The product provides a sense of satiety thus helping to avoid unhealthy snacks.


The Now Foods Tri-Chromium has also the chromium picolinate as the main compound. However, the product is in capsules and contains cinnamon which is a plus compared with Nutratech Atrafen. Studies have shown that cinnamon improves insulin sensitivity and increases the metabolism. I’ve written an article on how cinnamon and honey can help you lose weight as well.


The Hawaii Pharm Coleus Alcohol-free is one of the best appetite suppressants and it comes on our list as an option if you don’t like pills. This liquid herbal product’s main compound is the Asian herb; coleus forskohlii. This is a proven element which improves insulin resistance and decreases the food intake.


Studies have shown that conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is a powerful appetite suppressant. One clinical trial reached considerable results after 13-week consumption of 1.8 – 3.6 g CLA per day. Feelings of fullness and satiety were increased and the element was considered effective in the body-weight maintenance. With this said, our ninth on the list is the Nature Wise CLA 1250. The product is composed by 80% CLA.


Pure Safflower Oil CLA Complex may be last, but it is not least. It’s still one of the best natural and effective appetite suppressants. The main ingredients include CLA, oleic acid and palmitic acid. The Complex reduces food intake and improves energy and heart functions.


1. Nature Wise Garcinia Cambogia Extract



This product is one of the best appetite suppressants having HCA as the main agent to control your food intake. It contains 100% pure garcinia cambogia, 60% HCA, potassium and calcium. The capsules are vegetarian and gluten-free.


According to reviews, this suppressant shows results in the first month of use. Users have lost up to 10 pounds in one month. They have also reported better mood and energy levels. Some did mention they haven’t seen effects of the product as an appetite suppressant.




2. RMB Premium Garcinia Cambogia



This appetite suppressant contains garcinia cambogia and HCA as the main ingredients. It’s 100% natural, with no stimulants and caffeine free. You can expect to feel an increase in serotonin, better mood and no side effects.


Users have reported they felt more energetic after taking the capsules and it became easier to control snacking. The product is not recommended to pregnant women, nursing mothers or children.



3. Premium Forskolin


The main compound of the Premium Forskolin appetite suppressant is the plant coleus forskohlii, containing 20% of its extract. The substance helps to reduce the dietary intake by improving the insulin resistance. It is used to treat obesity and menopause.


Some reviews have related the product to a decrease in cravings in the afternoon and evenings. Users reported results in a short time use. Some of them, however, have had adverse side effects such as stomach cramps.




4. Be Slim Appetite Supressant Tea Detox



Be Slim Appetite Supressant Tea Detox helps to control your food intake due to its garcinia cambogia extract. Among its ingredients, there are some detoxification elements such as senna, dandelion and milk thistle. I talk a lot about this in my detox tea article. It contains caffeine and other organic substances. According to the manufacturer, the product is not indicated for long term use.


The taste is pleasant and the tea improves the body energy, according to reviews. The weight loss and food intake reduction were not effective for some of the users.




5. EZ Nutrition Garcinia Cambogia Appetite Suppressant


EZ Nutrition Garcinia Cambogia Natural Appetite Suppressant contains the highest level of HCA among the products on the list (95%). It also aids in improving your metabolism and diet control. The EZ Nutrition garcinia cambogia extract increases serotonin levels due to the properties of its main compound, the garcinia cambogia plant.


People who have tried the appetite suppressant have reported quick results, good moods and the end of cravings.




6. Nutratech Atrafen Fat Burner & Appetite Suppressant



Nutratech Atrafen Fat Burner & Appetite Suppressant is one of Amazon’s BEST appetite suppressants and fat burners out there. It has over 1,400+ reviews. Atrafen Fat Burner contains a blend of herbs and ingredients that are designed to curb your stress-induced food binges and help you take control of your eating!


It was designed to increase thermogenesis and boost metabolism for fast weight loss! But remember, losing weight fast isn’t always the best. I explained this in my article about a low-carb high-fat diet and the ketogenic diet menu. Make sure you understand the importance of why losing fat quickly is not healthy.


Taking this fat burner will help, but you must eat, exercise, and keep track of your health while taking these.


My favorite part about this fat burner is that you can get your money back if you don’t like it! If you have any problems with Nutratech’s Atrafen Fat Burner & Appetite Suppressant, you can just send it back no questions asked.


Take a look at the reviews here to see what your thoughts are.




7. The Now Foods Tri-Chromium



The Now Foods appetite suppressants contains chromium picolinate as the main ingredient. As a plus, the product contains cinnamon, an organic substance that has been shown in studies to improve insulin sensitivity and to boost the metabolism.


Users have reported a better sugar craving control, hormone regulation and even benefits to patients with diabetes.




8. The Hawaii Pharm Coleus Alcohol-free


The Hawaiian Pharm is the perfect option for those who prefer liquid supplements. This appetite suppressant has the Asian plant coleus forskohlii as the main ingredient. Put between 20 to 30 drops in a glass of water, tea or juice, and also administrate directly into the mouth.


Users have reported positive results, but an unpleasant taste.




9. Nature Wise CLA 1250



The Nature Wise CLA contains 80% CLA from 100% non-genetically modified safflower oil. According to research, the conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is a powerful appetite suppressant. It can reduce body fat mass and play an important role to your overall weight-loss plan.


The results can be seen within two months of use, according to some reviews. Users have lost more than 30 pounds in 60 days and some of them felt more energetic after taking Nature Wise CLA 1250. Adverse effects such as nausea and stomach ache have occurred for some people.




10. Pure Safflower Oil CLA Complex




The main ingredient of the Pure Safflower Oil CLA Complex appetite suppressant is CLA; however, it contains other acids such as oleic acid and palmitic acid which helps to improve the body energy and heart functions. This suppressant can not only be used to control your food intake, but also as an element to lower your cholesterol and blood pressure, and stabilize insulin and blood sugar.


Users found Pure Safflower Oil CLA Complex as an efficient weight loss agent and muscle builder. Some of the reviews mentioned the fast results of the product.




All of the listed best appetite suppressants can help you to control your diet. Regardless of what your goals are, the most important is to look after your health and have a balanced lifestyle. Choosing natural appetite suppressants can help with this. Surely, some appetite suppressants can work better for than for others. This is why I helped do the research for you on the best appetite supplement for you.


What’s your experience taking these suppressants? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Comment in the section below. 

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