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Athletic Greens Review | Reach Your Best Potential The Healthy Way


How much easier would your life be if you could have the energy to complete every task you needed each day? In this Athletic Greens review, I’ll show you how your lifelong commitment to health and happiness shouldn’t involve low energy days or stressing about diet and supplement decisions on a daily basis.


Health is the secret, and the best way to reach optimum health is having a balanced diet and lifestyle.


This aim motivated scientists to spend 10 years researching the perfect formula to achieve the highest body potential.


They came up with a combination of 11 supplements concentrated in a “premium superfood cocktail” known as Athletic Greens.


The amount of antioxidants found in Athletic Greens is equivalent to having 12 servings of vegetables. I’ll get to the importance and clinical studies behind this in a minute…


Think of 11 supplements in a single serving of superfood nutrition. Athletic Greens contains micronutrients, vitamins, minerals and digestive enzymes that boost your entire body’s functions.


Athletic Greens is a green cocktail that can help you to catch up with your health and fill any nutrient gaps in your diet.


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Among its 75 natural ingredients, you can find broccoli, wheatgrass, spirulina, spinach, beetroot and papaya in the Athletic Greens formula.


And if you are worried about the integrity of having “100% natural” ingredients, you must know that each batch is 100% verifiable and its compound is highly controlled.


But before I get into my review of Athletic Greens, and other reviews found on Amazon, let’s take a look what’s actually in Athletic Green’s formula and what it can do for your body.


Formula Overview | Vitamins & Minerals Found In Athletic Greens


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You’re probably asking now how can this formula be so powerful?


But, it’s no miracle… rather pure science. Let me give you a brief overview of the following vitamins found in Athletic Greens and their importance.


The Athletic Greens formula contains these vitamins:


  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin K2
  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B2
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B7
  • Vitamin B12



According to research, vitamins A, C, and E are essential to build up your immune system, to treat inflammation and autoimmunity.


You’ve certainly heard about the correlation between vitamin C and its role in preventing a cold, I’m sure.


It’s been studied that vitamin C is essential in a number of metabolic functions, such as helping control your cholesterol and serotonin. Vitamin C also helps protect your body from free radical damage and even photoaging prevention.


Moreover, vitamin C is responsible for activating vitamin B and folic acid.


The B vitamins are related to cellular functioning and they´have an important impact on brain functions. They also help with hair growth.


Energy production is one of the powers of vitamin B. Studies have shown that B6 and B12 are the most prominent in the metabolic system. If you need more vitamin B12, you can check out the best B12 supplement to supplement in my previous article.


Vitamin B1, also known as thiamine, helps the structure and functioning of your neurons.


The deficiency of vitamin B2, or riboflavin, bring negative consequences for your brain function, according to research.


The lack of vitamin B6 can lead to a serious impact on the brain, as it regulates neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin, and melatonin.


Vitamin B7, also known as biotin, plays a role in the metabolism, regulation, and controlling of glucose uptake.


Athletic Greens is also a source of magnesium, calcium, and potassium.


Studies have found that these three elements can prevent and treat hypertension, reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke.


Magnesium by itself is responsible for the functions of over 300 enzymes in your body. The lack of magnesium can lead to gastrointestinal and renal losses. Scientists have associated this chronic deficiency to diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and osteoporosis.





The blue-green alga called; spirulina, was carefully chosen to be part of the Athletic Greens. I’m going to review spirulina in another post in the near future because of how important it really is for your health.


Spirulina has been used by NASA as a dietary supplement on space missions due to its ability to improve the immune system and control infections. Clinical trials have suggested that this alga has even higher potential, such as antiviral, anticancer and anti-allergic effects.


Wheatgrass is a well-known ingredient by its benefits reducing the risk of cancer, to immunological activity and oxidative stress from free radicals. You’ll find this is your new morning drink when purchasing Athletic Greens.


This and the other key antioxidant ingredients, such as broccoli, beetroot and green tea, were added to the Athletic Greens’ formula to supply your body with the best nutrients.


To help your body in absorbing all the nutrients, Athletic Greens contains digestive enzymes and one super mushroom complex from the reishi and shiitake mushrooms in the form of a powder.


Clinical trials have found that extract of reishi mushroom has in vitro anticancer activities. This is good for long term health.


Mushrooms have been used as food and medicine for centuries, they are a rich source of carbohydrates, proteins, and minerals. Studies have also considered mushrooms as effective elements against inflammations.


The Taste

athletic greens juice


The taste of “green drinks” is usually a complaint among many people. With Athletic Greens, this isn’t the case. Out of 500+ Athletic Greens reviews on Amazon, less than 1% complained about the taste.


The fact that Athletic Greens was able to mask the grassy/pond taste with just a hint of chocolate is awesome. In my opinion, it is among the best green drinks I’ve tasted if not the best. If you ever have juiced before, you know what I am talking about.


In fact…


One of the Athletic Greens highlights, according to  customers, is that although it’s a super green cocktail, the taste is very pleasant. It has a “creamy texture” and “chocolate flavor.”


It’s hard to only have one glass a day of Athletics Greens because of how pleasant the taste actually is.


It’s recommended to mix one heaped tablespoon (12 g) with a glass of water and drink it each morning. However, you can also add the powder to a glass of orange juice or your favorite drink to get your favorite taste.


So now that I have completed the Athletic Greens review and gone over the ingredients and the taste, let’s get into what other people are saying, and see if the price is worth it for you!


Reviews: What People Say About Athletic Greens?


people talking about athletic greens


Nearly 600 customers have written a review about the Athletic Greens on the Amazon online store.


They’ve described the “superfood drink” as a “life changer” and “the future of weight loss and health.”


I’ll share a few Atheltic Greens reviews from amazon here to show you… I will also share the negative reviews as well to help you make the best decision possible whether or not you want to buy Athletic Greens or not.


Athletic Greens Review

Athletic Greens review

athletic greens review


People have lost weight, improved allergies, boosted their immune systems and gained energy since they started drinking Athletic Greens. The Athletic Greens reviews from Amazon are all from real people with verified purchases. Athletic Greens has received some amazing reviews about their product.


One of the advantages mentioned by customers is the practicality.


Instead of spending time on juicing several ingredients, you can have all the nutrients needed in less than a minute.


Having one glass of Athletic Greens in the morning is enough to make your whole day full of energy, feeling great, pain free. Many people have been successful losing weight by drinking Athletic Greens due to its nutritious value it offers.


Now on to the negative reviews about Athletic Greens. Just like everything in life, there will be those who don’t like something, and I think it’s important to address this issue of why Athletic Greens gets bad reviews. Look at the pictures below, then I will explain.


athletic greens negative review

athletic greens negative review


Out of over 500+ reviews, I found 16 of them to be a 1 star on Amazon. The majority of them are complaining about something they did not receive such as a shaker, results they did not see, or the the price.


It’s hard to tell when someone did not see the results they wanted and compare that to what you can expect or want to get from Athletic Greens. From these select few negative reviews, how can you or I know if that person who did not see the results actually lives a healthy lifestyle?


There is no way to know if he/she went to the gym, ate a ton of McDonald’s, and just thought Athletic Greens was this magic supplement that would help them lose weight, feel great, and live a healthy life. It takes more than just drinking Athletic Greens to see results.


But the price on the other hand…


This is a big topic to pay attention to when reading Athletic Greens reviews.


There is a lot of talk about the price for Athletic Greens. The grams-per-serving cost is higher than other products out there…


You must realize the benefits you are getting with Athletic Greens. Athletic Greens is perfect if:


  • You’re looking to overcome nutrient deficiencies, combat strong cravings, or give yourself an additional immune system boost
  • You suffer from everyday minor stress or weight issues
  • You’re an athlete seeking enhanced performance during periods of intense training
  • You want the best savings available for couples or families


Athletic Greens give you the daily nutritional insurance you need to:

  • Cover your bases where your diet might not
  • Address any micronutrient deficiencies that already exist within your body
  • Quickly improve your gut health and support your immune system
  • Achieve optimum long term results


And just recently they’ve dropped the price to $97.00 if you join their loyalty program.




You can use my SPECIAL LINK to get a monthly subscription for $99 PLUS a one-off supply of 20 FREE Travel Packs valued at $99.95. I was able to talk them into offering The Nutritional Source this exclusive offer just for you 🙂


If you’re not satisfied, Athletic Greens will refund your money! So you really don’t have much to lose here!


Athletic Greens Guarantee




I hope you enjoyed my Athletic Greens review and you have a better understanding of what Athletic Greens can do for you.


What to expect when drinking Athletic Greens:


  • Boosted energy within five days
  • Feel the tangible difference before signing up for a discounted subscription
  • With each daily high concentration hit of nutrients and vitamins, your body will be one step closer to your optimum level of health and vitality


By reading this review, I may have just changed your life by improving your health and your immune system.


Athletic Greens can help you with achieving better performance at work, at home, the gym, with friends and in your routine in general.


Having the nutrients and vitamins you need also means you can avoid colds and prevent serious diseases. Athletic Greens is very handy for those who don’t have spare time to prepare the perfect nourishment meal every day. So, if health is important for you, Athletic Greens is an important ally on your side.


Where is your health currently right now? What have you done recently to improve your health? Let me know in the comment section below and i’ll get back to you right away!

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