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The 11 Best Beard Oils | Beard Oil Review


Finding the best beard oil and the best beard products to treat your beard can be a challenge. After cleaning your beard, it’s important to properly nourish your skin and your beard hair! Beard oils can assure you’ll have a healthy, smooth, and hydrated beard. Here at The Nutritional Source, I’ve searched through the most popular beard oils on the market, the ones that give you all the great benefits without any overpowering scents, and the best beard oils that you can afford.  These beard oils are some of the best in the market for beard hydration. My selections are based on their ingredients, clinical trial performance, and results.


In this review guide, I went through many different types of beard oils for you to determine the best ones available online. These beard oils will help with keeping beardruff (aka – dandruff in your beard) under control while making sure your beard is soft and healthy.

Let’s take a look at the best beard oil products for you, and why they are important to use regularly.


What Is Beard Oil And Why Should You Consider Using It?


After washing your hair, you probably use conditioner or other products to promote nourishment, right? Why should it be any different with your beard? It’s very important to keep your beard clean in order to avoid inflammation and itchiness. However, if you want to have a beautiful, healthy and hydrated beard, the use of beard washes and shampoos might not be enough. You’ll need some beard oil to make your beard shiny and smooth.


Beard oil has been around for a long time, however, recently many men started using it because of the great benefits beard oil offers.


Want homemade beard oil? Get the beard oil recipe and access the DIY beard oil PDF. Click the link



The largest issue that men have when not using beard oil is beardruff or beard dandruff.


Your next question now might be…, “what is beardruff”?  So let me explain:


You may experience this normal “itch” as your beard starts to grow. This typically starts about a month after barbaric beard growth. This itch is a result of your skin below your facial hair drying and not retaining moisture. Almost like chapped lips in the winter time.


It’s important to understand this concept of dry skin under your beard. There are a few things that go on under your beard in the actual pores themselves.


When your beard follicles begin to grow, they naturally need and want more nutrients and require more moisture.


At the heart of each follicle, you have glands called sebaceous glands. These glands are near the bottom of each hair as you can see in the picture:


sebaceous-glands beard oil


Unfortunately, even if your hair follicle is half an inch or a foot long, your sebaceous glands can only make a small amount of sebum oil each day.


As your barbaric beard grows longer and more full, there is a point when your beard follicles require additional amounts of sebum oil that your sebaceous glands can’t produce in one day.


After this lack of oil being produced is reached, your skin under your beard will eventually begin to dry out.


This is the result of the natural side effect from this dry skin under your beard for those of you who don’t use a beard oil – beardruff or beard dandruff.


Similar to your dandruff on your scalp, beardruff or beard dandruff is just the flaking of your skin because of severe dryness.


But, you’re in luck if you have been experiencing bear dandruff. This is why I wrote this post, to introduce you to the beard products that help combat beard dandruff. Both beard oil and beard balm can help with this problem.


When you begin using your new beard oil, you are providing your face with the right oils it needs to stay moistened and refreshed.


Since your sebaceous glands are not creating enough sebum oil at this point, beard oil supports your beard as a natural supplement to aid the lack of sebum oil being produced to keep up with the length of your beard.


The great part about beard oil is that its all natural meaning it comes from plants that grow naturally.  Beard oil is good for just about any skin type too.


When I was younger, I suffered from acne and I was always afraid to wash my face with certain soaps, use any type of lotion, or even switch my face wash etc.


What I learned, was that if you do have naturally oily skin, but are still experiencing beard dandruff – you shouldn’t cut out using beard oil because you believe you will see more acne or another type of skin problems pop up on your face.


Here’s why…


Plant oils such as jojoba oil help with balancing the sebum oil naturally made within your sebaceous glands and don’t cause acne or clogging of your pores.


With that being said, there are a few essential oils like sandalwood oil, seed oils, and tea tree oil. These oils act as chemical agents that slow or stop the growth of germs on your face and other parts of your body called antiseptics which stop acne from forming.

What Ingredients Should I Look For In A Beard Oil?


But what kind of beard oil should you use? The most common oil you’ll find among the best beard oil products is argan oil. Studies have shown that argan oil possesses antioxidant properties, which combat hair loss and dry hair. According to research, argan oil can moisturize your hair structure and avoid hair breakage.


Aloe vera is also a widely used ingredient in some fo the best beard oil products. According to studies, this plant contains various benefits for your skin and your beard. Aloe vera has healing, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and moisturizing properties.


Want homemade beard oil? Get the beard oil recipe and access the DIY beard oil PDF. Click the link.


Aloe vera provides 20 out of 22 required amino acids and 7 of the 8 essential amino acids. It also contains salicylic acid that possesses anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.


When it comes to skin care, vitamin E is a well-known element too. According to studies, vitamin E plays a central role in the protection of your skin from the adverse effects of oxidative stress, such as photoaging and free radicals.


One clinical trial has proven that vitamin E is effective in avoiding hair loss and increases up to 50% of your hair growth.


Chamomile is an ancient medicinal herb, you might have heard of it from different types of teas.


Its oil can have a softening effect on your hair and skin, according to scientists. It is a perfect ingredient to look for when choosing the right beard oil for you. It’s effective against skin irritation and infections. You’ll find chamomile oil as a frequent ingredient in some of the best beard oil.


Another oil found in some beard oils that’s worth keeping an eye out for is the virgin argan oil.


This oil is found in a lot of the best beard oils and other beard products too. But it’s important to note that argan oil actually comes from a nut. So, if you have an allergy to nuts, make sure you know in case you accidently start to have allergic reactions from your beard oil.


Kukui oil is not so popular in beard oils, but you may find one or two that contains this oil like Honest Amish Beard Oil. Kukui oil comes from Hawaii and has different fatty acids and amino acids that support barbaric beard growth! Kukui aids your beard follicles to remain nourished.


Kukui oil aids your skin by creating a moisturizing pocket to help rehabilitate any scarring from acne, stretch marks, abrasions, etc.


Overall, this beard oil is pretty mellow which makes it making it applicable for most all of you beardsmen out there.


Botanic oils have been considered essential in conditioner formulas as well as beard oils. They can restore the fiber, tenderize and protect your hair. Coconut oil, for example, has been shown as an effective element in reducing hair protein loss. It can easily penetrate and nourish your beard.


If you have issues with flaky skin or itchy skin beneath or around your beard, then beard oil would definitely help alleviate this for you. Jojoba oil is also something you should look for when finding the best beard oil for dry facial hair too.


Jojoba oil has also been pointed out in studies as a good moisturizer for your skin and beard. Jojoba oil is perfect for moisturizing your skin and softening your beard hair, making it look shiny and groomed.


You can be sure that you will most likely find jojoba oil in almost all of the best beard oils out there. Jojoba oil is extremely popular because you can rub it on your skin and face without seeing an increase in acne. When I was younger, I had serious acne problems like I mentioned, and was very particular to what I put in my beard and on my face.


Jojoba oil is very mild and really helps your sebaceous glands properly balance your oil production. If you have never had an allergy test, I would recommend you get tested just in case, if you have seriously sensitive skin or a history of allergies.


Pumpkin seed oil and grape seed oil have been reported as effective substances against hair loss and dry skin too. One clinical trial has concluded that avocado oil can increase the collagen production in your skin.


Sunflower oil is another element to keep an eye on when looking for a beard oil. It has been shown as an effective structural builder and fiber restorer for your beard. Scientists have said that sunflower oil may have a film effect and absorb at the surface of your hair cuticle, which improves the shining of your beard hair.


Tea tree oil doesn’t stand out for nourishment actions, however, it has strong anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties which protect your skin and beard from infections and allergies. It’s a welcomed ingredient for your beard!


The 10 Best Beard Oils | Reviews


Finding the best beard oil for your face can be tough, given purely the individuality of it.


Much of finding the right beard oil is based on what they smell like. Being a guy with a beard myself, most gentlemen have their own assessments to what types of smells you enjoy, especially on your face. And so do I.



As I wrote this beard oil review for the best ones out there, I didn’t spend much time or effort on the smell (even though it is a factor).


Instead, I took a look at several other factors which include the price, the average reviews written on Amazon, the quality of the ingredients used in each beard oil, the clinical trial performance of the ingredients, and more importantly if each beard oil could properly keep the skin moistened and minimize beard dandruff.


Let’s take a look at the best beard oils for you and help you start growing a healthy beard.


1. Seven Potions Premium Beard Oil



If you are the type of guy who is looking for one of the best beard oils out there, add Seven Potions’ Woodland Harmony Premium Beard Oil to your Amazon cart now…


Here’s why…


I purchased this beard oil back in November 2016 from Amazon to check it out when I first started growing my beard out. It comes in a bright yellow box with some background on their oils and ingredients.


I personally don’t like thick oils in my beard or something that is super scented.


I like to wear cologne for my girlfriend and having a strongly scented beard oil and cologne is a little too much for me. Seven Potions’ Woodland Harmony Premium Beard Oil isn’t too thick either. If you want thick add maybe 10 drops, but I usually use about two to six drops in my palm.


The recommendation on the box suggests using three to eight drops which is totally fine too. Just try it out and see what you like.


My favorite part about the beard oil is the shine that it leaves. I did notice, that it does take a little bit of time to soak in, but so do the other oils on this list… they’re all oils.


One thing I noticed was that when I went to answer my phone and hung up, there was a little bit of oil on the screen. But nothing too crazy or a reason to stop using it.


The ingredients include apricot kernel oil and crambe abyssinica seed oil along with others usually found in a good beard oil. I want to point out the benefits of crambe abyssinica seed oil first.


Crambe abyssinica seed oil contains an excess amount of both Linoleic and Linolenic Acids. It comes from the mustard seed, and these benefits can’t be found anywhere else in any other seed oil.


Linoleic Acid, an Omega 6 fatty acid, is helpful when it comes to skin and hair regeneration. This helps with a patchy beard or if you’re looking for a fuller, thicker, manly beard.


Crambe abyssinica seed oil is often compared to jojoba oil but contains more erucic acid. This means a stronger, intense moisturizer for your skin and hair. And with these oils found in Seven Potions’ Woodland Harmony Premium Beard Oil, you can see fewer beard split ends, less greasy feel, elimination of beard itch and beardruff, and a softer beard.


My girlfriend doesn’t love my beard… I’ll be honest, but when I put Seven Potions’ Woodland Harmony Premium Beard Oil in my beard after a shower, she likes the smell and the shine, smiles, and says “shave that thing!”


seven potions beard oil benefits


2. The Gentlemen’s Beard Bay Rum Beard Oil




With all the information about the oils being established, our second beard oil recommendation is The Gentlemen’s Beard Bay Rum Beard Oil. It contains sunflower seed oil, coconut oil, argan oil, jojoba oil and vitamin E. It’s complete formula is to treat your beard and keep it healthy. It is recommended to be used on a dry beard.


Men have said that The Gentlemen’s Beard Bay Rum Beard Oil can improve split ends and that it leaves your beard very soft.


Some gentlemen have noticed that this oil can help to avoid itchy and flaky skin. On the other hand, the fragrance may be too strong for some men. You’ll have to try it out to see if you like it!




3. Stellar Natural Beard Oil




If you don’t like colognes, the Stellar Natural Beard Oil is a great option for you since it’s fragrance-free.  In its formula, you’ll find argan oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, grape seed oil, vitamin E and aloe vera. According to the manufacturer, you should apply the oil after you shower, when the beard is damp and clean.


Want homemade beard oil? Get the beard oil recipe and access the DIY beard oil PDF. Click the link


Reviewers have said that the Stellar Natural Beard Oil leaves your beard shiny and hydrated. Some men have noticed a fuller beard after the use of this natural beard oil.


It has also been pointed out as a treatment against itchiness. Comments have criticized that this oil is not effective for styling – if you’re into that.




4. Prophet Beard Oil




Our third pick is a kit containing other beard products; one beard oil, one beard comb and one beard care book. The Prophet Beard Oil has vitamin E, aloe vera oil, chamomile oil and jojoba oil. You can use this oil either on your damp or dry beard, it’s your choice.


A special beard comb for styling was one of the advantages this product offers. Some reviews have said that the Prophet Beard Oil is effective against a spongy beard texture and that it has an extreme moisturizing formula which leaves your beard soft and silky.




5. Smooth Viking Beard Oil




The Smooth Viking Beard Oil contains avocado oil, argan oil, pumpkin seed oil, jojoba oil and vitamin E in its formula. The dropper makes the Smooth Viking Beard Oil easy to use on mustaches as well. This beard oil has 100% natural ingredients.


Men have highlighted that the Smooth Viking Beard Oil shows moisturizing results after the first application and that it can tame your stray hairs. This oil also gives your hair a shiny and smooth texture, according to the reviews.


The smell may be a problem for some people, but you’ll just have to try it.




6. Pure Body Naturals Beard Oil




The Pure Body Naturals Beard Oil contains argan oil, apricot oil and vitamin E in its formula. The formula is 100% natural, without any chemicals or preservatives. It comes with a dropper to facilitate the use on a mustache if as well.


Beard growers have reported that Pure Body Naturals Beard Oil is an effective moisturizer, even for long beards.


Others have said that this product is light and easy to apply. The smell may be unpleasant for some users, but again — you’ll have to try it.




7. Honest Amish Beard Oil



The Honest Amish Beard Oil is a hand crafted and vegan-friendly beard oil that can hydrate your beard and help you avoid beard dandruff at the same time.


This company sets high expectations when we talk about beard products. Honest Amish is very well known for their beard balms which have tons of sales and reviews on Amazon. They are a very trustworthy company that sticks out when comparing traditional beard care companies and start-ups in the current industry.


Yea, their beard balms are probably the best in the industry, but their beard oil isn’t too far behind.


Honest Amish Beard Oil contains argan oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, pumpkin seed oil, sweet almond oil and moringa oil in its formula. According to the manufacturer, this beard oil must be applied to a slightly damp beard.


Since this beard oil contains a variety of many oils, it does do an awesome job safeguarding your skin and beard follicles from clogged pores and acne. Keeping your skin moisturized and nourished is exactly what Honest Amish Beard Oil does.


This beard oil contains the following essential oils:


  • Cedarwood
  • Clove
  • Anise
  • Grapefruit
  • Lavender
  • Cinnamon
  • Peppermint – I mention peppermint oil in my other article on hair growth shampoo, check it out.


The smell of this beard oil is somewhat difficult to explain in a beard oil review. I would say that it smells like both licorice and clove. Now, I am not a fan of licorice, but this actually does smell ok. I would say it is a manly smell and is tolerable. Personally, I do like it.


Want homemade beard oil? Get the beard oil recipe and access the DIY beard oil PDF. Click the link


After about an hour, the smell does settle which makes it easy to mix a good cologne with it for a nice night out if you need.


Using Honest Amish Beard Oil does help with getting rid of beard dandruff and the dry skin you may be experiencing.


When you break down the performance of this oil, it does a terrific job in completely eradicating beardruff and dry skin in general. Its diverse carrier oil base paired with its multiple essential oils will make your beard appear in tip top shape.


Guys have indicated the Honest Amish Beard Oil is great for moisturizing treatment throughout the night.


According to some men, this oil leaves you with a soft and hydrated texture. Some have also claimed that this oil is easily absorbed by your hair and your skin. It has also been said to be an effective oil fighting against skin irritation.


The fragrance may not please everyone — but everyone has different likes.




8. Leven Rose Beard Oil



If you’re looking for a basic formula, the Leven Rose Beard Oil might be the right beard oil for you. It contains jojoba oil, argan oil and has no fragrance. You can use this oil on your beard damp or dry.


It definitely is one of the most popular beard oils you will find while shopping on Amazon. It has thousands of reviews too.


They do have other beard oils that contain scents in their sandalwood, cedar wood and juniper sage products. In this review, I just stuck with the fragrance-free one.


This beard oil is very simple. It is made up of two primary elements; jojoba oil and argan oil.


Both oils are completely organic and are paraben and GMO free, vegan-friendly, and overall one of the safest ones out there.


This beard oil is super easy to use and apply. Place a small pea size amount into your hand. Rub your hands through your beard closest to your skin first. Continue to rub them throughout your beard towards the end of your hairs for even coverage.


Beardsmen say that once Leven Rose Beard Oil is applied, it can keep your beard remaining soft and nourished for the entire day. They’ve claimed that this beard oil helps beard growth and improves any dry skin you might have under your beard.




9. Kave Beard Oil




Our eighth pick is the Kave Beard Oil. It has a 100% natural formula containing jojoba oil, aloe vera oil, chamomile oil and argan oil.


It has no parabens or chemical ingredients. According to the manufacturer, you can use this product either on your damp or dry beard. This beard oil comes with one special beard comb as a bonus too.


Beardsmen have reported that the Kave Beard Oil promotes softness and nourishment, without leaving your beard heavy.


It has been considered very effective against a dry beard and dry skin. Some guys have approved this product for beard styling. Side effects, such as skin irritation, have occurred from the reviews I read.




10. Mountaineer Brand Beard Oil



The Mountaineer Brand Beard Oil comes from “Almost Heaven” — the great state of West Virginia. This beard oil company has been around since 2013 and has been a trusted company offering quality beard oils.


It contains grape seed oil, almond oil, and eucalyptus oil among its ingredients. Its formula is 100% natural, vegan-friendly and lightly scented. The manufacturer has advised that this oil works better on a damp beard instead of a completely dried beard.


Among the actions of the Mountaineer Brand Beard Oil, users have reported softness, nourishment and hair taming. Guys have claimed that it works better after a shower. The fragrance may not please everyone. For me, this oil gives off a nice mixture of both pine and cedarwood. It reminds me of some sort of a wilderness smell.


This smell will last for a few hours longer compared to Honest Amish Beard Oil. That might be something to get used to if you plan on trying this one out….




11. Grave Before Shave Beard Oil


Last but not least, our tenth on the list of the best beard oil for men is the Grave Before Shave Beard Oil. It contains tea tree oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E and aloe vera for a nourished and soft beard.


It can be used for beard dandruff treatment or for a dry and damaged beard. For fuller and longer beards, the manufacturer indicates the use of the dropper to apply directly to your skin and hair.


Men have said that the Grave Before Shave Beard Oil increases beard growth and fullness.


Men have also said that the thinner consistency of this beard oil seems to penetrate their hair very well.


This oil has been considered to be a great moisturizer from the reviews on Amazon. Some guys have complained about the smell of this product — but — once again, you’ll have to try it out first.




Finding The Best Beard Oil | Conclusion


Finding the best beard oil is an important aspect of grooming your beard. It might take some trial and error before you find the best beard oil for your specific beard. I encourage you to try a few out to see which one works the best and which smells you enjoy.

All of the beard oils above have the potential to moisturize and tame your beard. The ingredients in these beard oils are essential in order to have a hydrated beard and to avoid dry hair and skin. Regardless of how long your beard is or how sensitive your skin is, these beard oil products have you covered!


Happy beard oil hunting! Let me know in the comments section below what your experience has been with these oils, or any other ones you would like to see reviewed.

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